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Born and raised in Townsville, North Queensland, Madison Dunston is the fresh new face of Australian motorsport.

Starting her karting career at just seven years of age, Madison has utilised her three generations of family motorsport heritage and now at 17, she is proving herself to be a competitive and highly respected young professional. Motorsport does not differentiate between male or female and Madison has held her own consistently amongst her male and much, more experienced counterparts.

Madison is contesting the 2016 and 2017 season of the Aussie Racing Cars Championships and is well on her way to becoming a leading Australian and International Motorsport Athlete. 

In 2016, only a decade after first stepping into a racing kart, the 17 year old Madison is Stepping it up into the Aussie Racing Cars Championships.

In a field of over 38 cars and being only 1 of 4 female drivers, Madison has catapulted her reputation as a true motorsport professional. In her debut drive at the iconic Phillip Island circuit, Madison went head to head with the experienced field and completed her weekend winning both admiration and respect of her peers.

In her second outing for the season, Madison improved her track position and held a pole position before falling victim to a horrific crash. As a true professional, Madison dusted it off and after spending an all nighter rebuilding the shattered car, she raced the next day earning her the respect of the field and in particular, Fox Sport media who have invested significant airtime towards the young racer.

Its early days for Madison’s season but her results are confirming that she is fast on track to becoming Australia’s leading female racing driver.  

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