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CAMS Awards Night 2018

What an awesome night here in Melbourne celebrating all CAMS competitor’s achievements of 2018. It’s amazing to see how many different categories there were from hill climbing to circuit racing and many more!

Was awesome to see more female racers this year and to see them achieve and excel, especially being in a male dominated sport. How awesome!! Coming from being in motorsport for over 13 years now, it’s not easy being a female and to achieve so much is such a great feeling. Congrats to all the other competitors especially Scotty, I have looked up to you for ages now and its great to see you go so far in your career!

Lastly, Thank you to CAMS for such a wonderful night and inviting me to collect another trophy regards to winning the Women’s cup in the Aussie Racing Car Series in 2018. For now, I won’t be racing this year in the GT Ginetta. Due to my local sponsors being affected by the devastating flooding in Townsville North Queensland, they have to commit their funds to the rebuilding of our city. With looking for a different series within our racing budget, we a looking into the Toyota 86 series for 2019. So wish me luck, we working to get onto the starting grid and will hopefully see you at a race track soon.

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