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Round 1Tasmania Baskerville Raceway

Amazing weekend in Hobart, with a 1 hour practice on the Thursday and 3 20 minute practices on the Friday helped with becoming confident on the track a lot easier.

Qualified 11th which was an amazing start to the weekend. Race 1 finished 9th! First top 10 for the year. Race 2 finished 19th Due to being in an incident on the second last lap which snapped all steering arms but still got across the finish line. Race 3 got back up to 11th and race 4 finished 10th! And 11th for the round, taking home the woman’s trophy and am now in the lead for the woman’s championship.

Taking in these amazing results im hoping for the rest of the year to be just as great! Round 2 at Phillip island is in 45 days I cant wait to go back there to improve! 

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